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It's the most wonderful tiiime of the yeaaaar~~ Aww man, isn't it so pretty outside? Fate, you should make snow again for Christmas! That would be so great! We could all bundle up in warm clothes and drink cider and sing songs. Pleasepleaseplease? Doesn't that like fun everyone? And Erk! Let's set up a Christmas tree~

Oh, and hey, Heather, what are you measurements?

[Private, hackable to Santa (and anyone really) ]
Dear Santa, I think I've been a good girl this year, but you'll be the judge of that, right? Aaanyway, here's my wish list.

Rubber duckie
Big stuffed animal ... bunny? BIG mokona plushie
Some photo books or like pictures books too are fun
Bean bag chair
Water bed
Pictures of my family
A letter from Ginga
You to deliver a letter home for me

I know we're like stuck in some alternate dimension, but I believe in you, Santa! I'll make sure to leave out the milk and cookies for you, and be a good girl and not even try to catch you coming into my house this year.
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Guys, aren't those pilgrims so cute? Just like out of a fairy tale or something. And they gave me this gift, isn't that great? I should open it.


Oh god it's severed... and... and... fresh... *wibble*
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[Filtered to Heather]
Hey, Heather, just now I realized, I have no idea how Erk and Agrias got together, and was wondering, do you know?[/Filter]

[Filtered away from Shampoo]

Eep. I just realized that that long blue haired Shampoo girl works in the school cafeteria with me. I hope she doesn't recognize me ...
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That's how we do this, right!? What are you guys thankful for? Let's have that big celebratory feast! Invite them pilgrims or whatever too. That's what the children's book I read said we do today.
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((Subaru's a guy right now, but this icon is more appropriate to her reaction to this than her smiling))

Well, I'm a guy now. Again. Greaaat. I'm a little more bothered by it this time, but... whatever...

Hey, Erk? Is this how you feel like all the time nowadays?
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((Subaru has been especially giddy and upbeat today, going around bouncy like and humming a lot~ And the cafeteria food at school today had extra sweets~))

Ehehe. Isn't the weather today just great? It's so bright out. I have been so busy today~ Does anyone want some chocolate pecan pie? I ended making waaay too much...

Oh! Maybe I should on a picnic. It is so nice out. But where to go... ooh, there's the playground. That'd be great, wouldn't it? Hey guys, let's go play on the jungle gym~~ Pleaaaaase?
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[Filtered to friends] ... Rukia's gone. I was a little concerned that she wasn't around so much lately, but not so much since she's always been kind of aloof... but...

... she's really gone now...

... I hope she's okay.
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((I feel lazy now that I missed the event and not especially like back logging it, but Subaru's nightmare was going berserk on just about everyone thinking they were the Numbers after mauling her sister. 1% on remembering her sister, 1% on remembering Scaglietti's attack (including what happened to Ginga) and 1% on half of the Ginga fight, so she remembers it without conclusion))

[Private; hackable]
... I thought I broke Mach Caliber, too... so it was all just a dream, huh? I hope it was all just a dream...I don't want any of those things to be ... to...

... b-but... I can keep what seemed real and what didn't apart in my mind... ... they really did that to my sister, didn't they?
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Children of Memento Eden~! I'm sure you must be scared, but you shouldn't let this stop you from going to school~ Your education is important and stuff, and since I'll be going there myself in the morning, I will be happy to walk you to school as group. I won't let anything happen to you. Remember to hold hands with your safety buddy. If you leave your room numbers, I will pick you up in the morning.
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Wow, everyone's talking about another onsen thing, huh?

Hey, Nanoha, I was wondering, when Fate came, she had Bardiche, and when I came, I had Mach Caliber, and I remember you having a similar device. Has it woken up yet?

[Filtered to Heather]

... hey, Heather... do you wanna ... go to the onsen...?
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*Subaru is standing on the roof, leaning against the guard rail, looking at the stars with red eyes*

*sniffle* ... Heather ... I kinda wonder what the others were like... maybe then I'd get it. Did I do something wrong? What do they have that I don't...? ... I felt so special...

I want to see Nanoha, and Ginga, and... Tia. I really wanna see Ginga and Tia right now... I want to go home.
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I'm pretty glad to be back to normal. It was interesting, I guess, and things weren't so different, but I much prefer being my normal self.

I remembered some interesting things last week, but I was so busy trying to get statues and paintings of people done that I didn't find the time to talk about it.

I remembered some great people from back home: Tiana, Nanoha and Ginga. (my sister! Oh wow I have an older sister! Isn't that great?) They all took such good care of me, too. I... I gotta say, I definitely miss'em some now.

It's really weird to remember peop... le, and know things about them, like knowing you did certain things but not remember what happened or what those things were like. I remember that we all trained a lot together, but not what training was like...

Nanoha was my captain/training instructor and my hero and everything! She was SO COOL, and... I feel like I really owe a lot to her. I just know she must be working hard back home, maybe trying to find us...

And Ginga! Oh, she's so cute and clumsy sometimes, but she really loves me and does her best to take care of me. She's such a good sister. Oh, she trained me too.

And Tia. Tia was my partner and everything; I remember that we hung out and worked together and shared a room and everything...

... somehow, I think I miss Tia most. I don't know why exactly... I don't remember almost any of the time we spent together, but... now that I remember how we were almost always together, I just suddenly miss her a lot. Is that strange...?
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Calling all artisans~  Painters, sculptors~  This whole reversed gender thing has resulted in some really pretty girls, and they should be painted before they go back to normal or whatever~!  C'mon, think of all the models you'll never have the chance to capture again~~!  Is anyone here a really good artist?
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Eh???  I... umm... this is... different.

... my clothes are all baggy in the chest now... but I guess that's okay...... I mean, guys wear baggy clothes sometimes, right?

I'm, uh, just gonna act like nothing happened and wait this weird situation out.   It's gonna end like everything else, right?  Not a problem not a prob--ack!  Oh no...!

My feet are too big for my roller blades!!

... I'm gonna need to go buy shoes...
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When it started raining I got this great idea: to go out side and run around in the rain, skip, about, sing~  It was so much fun!

But, uh, now I'm kinda sick... so I'm gonna go over to the onsen for a few days to avoid giving this to you, Rukia.  I should've seen this coming, huh?

((Please subtract whatever 3 nights stay at the hotel is from Subaru's account))
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Heather!  I know it's a long while off still, but starting today, I'll do my best!!!

By the way, Faaate?  You're really good at you know~
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I'm really glad things have quieted down again.  I did not like having to fight with Fate.  Oh, but we're both alright now, so don't worry about me.

Hey, Fate, how is Bardiche...?

[Filtered to Agrias]

By the way, Agrias?  I kinda need to know... where do babies come from...?
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Ummmm.... eheheheh, well, that was kinda fun, last week, so I don't really regret it, but...

uh, GO FREE!!!

We can still be friends right?
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*speaking loudly in the middle of town, moving from cute girl to cute girl complimenting very blathantly*

Beauties of Memento Eden~

Blue haired magical girl Subaru is taking applications for harem girls!

Please, do not be shy~  Come to Subaru~

You, yes you, there! *points at YOU, cute girl, rolls right next to you and clings to one of your arms* Will you join my harem?
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Oh, guys, I forgot to mention, I met someone from where I come from yesterday, and I suddenly remembered something.  Not from my childhood though.

I remembered something from... I don't know when it was, really, but I was a lot older, and wearing the clothes I usually do now, and there were so many people.  I'm almost certain I was some kind of soldier now, but... I didn't seem like a typical soldier.

We were all having this big fare well party or something under these big pink trees, and the people in charge of the party declared we'd have one last sparring match as a final hurrah, and...

... actually, I don't remember who won.  But that's not important I guess.

I'm really glad though... because as far as I can remember now... while there, I was a lot like I am here.
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