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Whoops! Sorry I left this blank for so long. With the holidays, I just forgot about filling this out before the 28th.

In general my favorite yuri series have been the walking-slowly-is-preferred-here MariMite/Aoi Hana/Aria sort of shows, but I also do enjoy the shameless gay romps of, say, Strawberry Panic (because my taste is not always good, lol)

Smut wise I'd suggest reading, say, Maka Maka if you're going to do anything explicit (which is hardly required but if you feel like it do that) ; Maka Maka's sex is largely about the interaction of the characters and that's why I enjoy it so much (that and the art is just so pretty in its full color glory).

Fluff wise I tend to prefer shorter things. I really like a good fic with some rockiness to a relationship; I just eat up the tension of things like that (Consider looking for the Ace Attorney Franziska/Adrian fic 'Follow The Fool' for a great example).  Aria is a good example of the kind of fluff I like, slow slice of lifey stuff with a warm healing sort of feel and a little bit of humor.

Humorwise, if you've played Persona 4, then use Persona 4's anti-climactic goofy sense of humor for the P4 prompt. Otherwise I do like that, but I also like cynicism (Lewis Black, for instance), dry humor, and a lot of sketch comedy (mostly Mitchell & Webb, SMBC Theater & Loading Ready Run).  Something just outrageously silly like Iono-sama Fanatics was also a great read for me.

On to specifics...

Utena: I really first wanted an Utena/Juri ship the first time that Juri had that confrontation with Utena where she ultimately tried to take Utena's ring from her.  There's something about the way the way that Juri looked at Utena that was so very passionate; angry, yet perhaps fascinated at times. She was very vexed. Utena doesn't have to reciprocate; Juri not having nice things is pretty typical. Do what you want in that regard.

I think one of the reasons I like them is that they are, in a number of respects, rather similar; they're both strong female characters with a sense of nobility to them, and they can both offer each other quite a bit. Juri gets someone to melt the ice queen a little, and Utena gets someone who, when not upset, is well grounded and can reel her in on the rare occassions that she really needs it.

Persona 4: My springboard is really all that I have to say here.  I would love to get the fic where they finally get something official going on;those two are so married.

Nanoha: There's a very dry, but a bit warm feel (if tinted with a wry sense of humor on Signum's part and a silly one on Shamal's part). I wouldn't say there's anything truly going on here. Actually what might be funny is if Hayate or Vita teased them about seeming like a mom-dad sort of couple, and then Shamal and Signum perhaps reflect on their partnership (perhaps under the light of "we've never really been allowed to lead peaceful lives before ; is there something that could happen now?"

Fate/Stay Night: I know Shirou being dead in my prompt is a downer, but he sacrificed himself in a noble manner,and I'd really prefer not-angst from Rin and Saber. Especially from Saber. Saber is just so not ever allowed to have nice things. So please set this further down the line, perhaps around Rin's next birthday, or just for a silly thing Rin taking Saber out for shopping and to eat and maybe a cinema. Hell. What if Shirou's date advice for dating Saber that he gets from Rin in the Fate path ends up being something Rin applies for herself with Saber?

Alternatively, something more introspective, where one finds themselves wondering what to do about the fact that they're noticing an attraction to the other. Perhaps because of Mitsuzuri pointing it out to one them.

Ultimately, I want you to enjoy what you're writing as much as I want to enjoy reading it.  Thank you so much for participating!


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