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Let me level with you, about half of this letter is literally copy pasted from last year's.

With that out of the way now, I want to thank you in advance for participating in Yuletide this year; I'm looking forward to whatever you write me. I'm not going to say I'm fine with my preferences being ignored outright, but be sure to do something you'll enjoy writing. <3

Now I go and make myself sound like a hypocrite by giving some more details on the kinds of things I like. Really, I mean it when I say I want you to enjoy writing this, so please feel free to compromise between your preferences and mine. In general, I hope you find the following not just telling of my tastes, but also perhaps something that primes the creative pump.

Since it could apply to all of this, humorwise I'm rather flexible. I like snarky dialogue and lampshading. My favorite comedians are Louis CK and Louis Black. I'm also a fan of Homestar Runner and Loading Ready Run.

If you're writing Nanoha or MariMite, then you'll know I requested yuri; I enjoy well written smut, but I prefer porn with some plot, even if it's purely character driven. For instance, I adore Maka Maka because it's about the characters, their relationships and emotions, and communication. I can actually give a really concrete example of the kind of yuri I like for Nanoha: go hunt down Magical Lyrical Ganbaru Subaru or Magical Lyrical Ganbaru Tiana by ren'ai mangaka. I like the general feel of all those very much.

Another example of the kind of romantic writing I enjoy, besides MariMite in general, would be the Franziska/Adrian (Ace Attorney or Phoenix Wright or Gyakuten Saiban fandom) fic, Follow the Fool. In general, I don't really want pure fluff; some apprension or disagreement on someone's part makes things more interesting if you ask me. (I doubt you've read it, but my absolute favorite romance stories in visual novels are from Crescendo.Also, I adore Aoi Hana for treating lesbianism far more realistically than most anime. I enjoyed Strawberry Panic in a shameless, guilty pleasure sort of way, but please don't write that (though I might accept a lawl lesbian romp for Nanoha)

My Bakemonogatari request is ... a bit different.  I sort of want it to be awfulmazing. I just can't imagine Kanbaru writes very good yaoi. A fic inside a fic with a male cardboard cut out of Kanbaru and a male cardboard cut out of Senjougahara in some ridiculous and/or cliche yaoi manga scenario would be spectacular to me.  In fact, I think i it was read by Senjougahara, and she interrupted with her own internal monologue? That could be pretty hilarious.  That said I don't want to ask for too much work; just her reaction to finding Kanbaru's thinly veiled fantasy fulfillment could be hilarious.

As for my Fate/Extra request, the prompt I gave you was just one idea I had. I also entertained the idea of Nero just lavishly bossing people around and enjoying a day of luxury, or unveiling a piece of art, but nothing jumped out at me so much as the one that I ultimately put in.  It's not online any more, but if you've ever read it, the whole idea of the play vaguely reminds me of Slayers: Hamlet, in which Zelgadis tried to do a production of Hamlet, and it went spectacularly wrong.

And despite what I said above about porn without plot, I'd also honestly just accept Rin/Saber porn without plot in Sakura's nurses office. >.>

Yes, this is an RP journal; I haven't updated my personal journal in years.
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