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Dear Yuletide Author~

First things first, I want to thank you in adnvance participating in Yuletide this year; I'm looking forward to whatever you write me. I'm not going to say I'm fine with my preferences being ignored outright, but be sure to do something you'll enjoy writing. <3

Now I go and make myself sound like a hypocrite by giving some more details on the kinds of things I like. Really, I mean it when I say I want you to enjoy writing this, so please feel free to compromise between your preferences and mine. In general, I hope you find the following not just telling of my tastes, but also perhaps something that primes the creative pump.

Since it could apply to all of this, humorwise I'm rather flexible. I like snarky dialogue and lampshading. My favorite comedians are Louis CK and Louis Black. I'm also a fan of Homestar Runner and Loading Ready Run.

If you're writing Nanoha or MariMite, then you'll know I requested yuri; I enjoy well written smut, but I prefer porn with some plot, even if it's purely character driven. For instance, I adore Maka Maka because it's about the characters, their relationships and emotions, and communication. I can actually give a really concrete example of the kind of yuri I like for Nanoha in the form of a couple of translated doujin from ren'ai mangaka's Lyrical Magical series. I like the general feel of all those very much.

Another example of the kind of romantic writing I enjoy, besides MariMite in general, would be the Franziska/Adrian (Ace Attorney or Phoenix Wright or Gyakuten Saiban fandom) fic, Follow the Fool. In general, I don't really want pure fluff; some apprension or disagreement on someone's part makes things more interesting if you ask me. (I doubt you've read it, but my absolute favorite romance stories in visual novels are from Crescendo.) Also, I adore Aoi Hana for treating lesbianism far more realistically than most anime. I enjoyed Strawberry Panic in a shameless, guilty pleasure sort of way, but please don't write that (though I might accept a lawl lesbian romp for Nanoha)

If you got my Claymore request, that's yuri optional, really. I do ship Helen/Deneve as much as I can ship any Claymore with anything other than their job. As slice of life goes I enjoyed things like Aria, Maria-sama ga Miteru, and Also, once again, I adore Aoi Hana.

If you're writing this story, you can pretty much do whatever you want. I have my own thoughts, but I'm curious to see a 'what if' AU where the characters were able to live normal lives, and what an interesting day in their lives might be. Ask yourself "What kind of day would be interesting and indicative of their lives, whatever they may be?" If you're going to write romance or smut, though, please go check up on the stuff I talked about above, because that talks about my preferences in that vein. If you want to imagine, idk, Deneve or Helen as some kind of prize fighter or detective something I have some details for you below in the Raidou Kuzunoha section. If you want to stick to traditional slice of life though you can stop reading here if you want (I realize I'm tl;dr a lot).

As for Raidou Kuzunoha, you've got free reign with how pulp action or how mystery you want it to be, but I'd like it to be one or the other, if not both. I highly recommend watching the first episode(A Study in Pink) of Sherlock on PBS website (it's available online until December 7th). That's very indicative of the kind of mystery I like. As for pulp action, well Raidou gives you that pretty solidly, but that's not prose, so here's something from Fate/Stay Night, which I think has well done combat prose.

"It is the return of legends. In this forest filled with the morning mist, the two shadows clash without ceasing. Berserker is just overwhelming. If his horizontal blow is a whirlwind, his descending blow is a waterfall. If Saber takes such an attack, it would prove fatal even for her. Saber repels such attacks straight on without faltering. Against storm-like blows, she deflects with all her might. If she doesn't, she will be slashed in half along with her sword

The continuous sound of clashing. Their ranges are different. Their speeds are different. Their strengtsh remaining are too different. The only thing posible for Saber is to smash her sword into the unavoidable attack and stop it ...

Oh oh. Bonus points if the Raidou fic is written in 2nd person, as if the reader is Raidou Kuzunoha. <33

I apologize for being so long winded. I really appreciate the time you've spent reading this, and if you're interested to check out the things I've linked you, I hope you enjoy them. More importantly, I hope you write something you enjoy writing.

Yes, this is an LJRP journal; I haven't updated my personal journal in years, so I used this instead.
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