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((OoC: Subaru's power is mind reading.  She will read surface thoughts of characters involuntarily if they are within 20' of her.  Line of sight is required to identify who the source of the thought is.  If characters speak with her in person rather than in the journals, please include their thoughts during the duration of the event.  If you would like to have Subaru pick up random thoughts for the hell of it, go right ahead.  She is presently in the woods avoiding people.))

[Private; hackable]
I had a pretty bad morning.  When I woke up, it was so noisy.  It was like being in a crowd, but there was no one around but Erk, and he was asleep.

I panicked.  It wasn't even until I got out to the woods, and it was finally quiet, that I realized it was more like everyone was sending me messages with telepathy, and I couldn't block it out.  What's going on?

I feel a lot better here by myself... at least I've calmed down...

The other day, I was, well, indirectly, talking about Heather.  I still miss her, and right now thinking about her when I'm... um, a little upset and unsettled I guess? ... it brings back some sting and ... makes me realize it is kinda lonely out here in the woods, but, when I was talking about her, I was smiling the entire time.  A real smile, too.

I can't just stay here.  I rushed out without a thing I would need to do that.  I don't even own a sleeping bag.  What am I gonna do...?

I had a really weird dream last night.  There was like... a moving statue.  I guess it was a golem?  But it was a mint chocolate chip ice cream golem, but it was kinda shaped like... umm... and I ended up licking it, and at some point, it became strawberry or something and started chasing around Erk.  Do dreams really have meanings?  I don't know... what would a dream like that mean anyway?

... whatever.  I'm calling in sick today.  I need some time to straighten out... something on my mind.
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