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Nanoha's gone...

... I... sort of remember something.  I was really young, and there was this big fire.  I got separated from my sister at some point and... and... I was crying alone in a burning building...

... there was this tall statue of a woman there and... I guess maybe the stone was starting to crumble from the heat or something... I don't really know, but it started falling down towards me and... then everything goes blank.  Maybe I lost consciousness?  It couldn't have hit me though... there's no way I could've lived if it fell on me.  Have I just not remembered yet?  Or can I not remember?  Maybe it's trauma...

... the next thing I remember is waking up in a hospital the next day.  I was okay really, and... and so was my sister... and all I remember was that I knew I was saved by someone in the TSAB... Takamachi Nanoha.

... I don't know why, but something in me changed then.  She became my hero... I wanted to be just like her...

... *sniffle* I shouldn't be sad... it's not like she's dead.  Heroes never die... and she's gone home... where she can keep protecting people...

... I think I kind of understand how Agrias feels now, maybe.  I mean, I don't remember anything I really need to be doing back home right now, but... are there people I should be protecting elsewhere?  ... yes.... no...

... maybe?

... it's not like someone else probably  isn't doing my job my for me.  I do meaningful things here, don't I?  ... I work at a school... isn't that good...?

Everyone, thank you for the gifts.  I'm sorry I don't sound more grateful right now, I am...

... I just have some stuff on my mind...

((2% on Takamachi Nanoha and the fire when she was a child; 3% remaining))
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